Photography has been a love of mine for many years. I started out in the darkroom developing film and printing black and white images. Now days….along with most other photographers I shoot digital. It amazes me how much the world of photography has changed over the past several years! 

 I absolutely love photographing people! In the beginning I begged my friends to model for me.They were always good sports and we still think back and laugh about some of the crazy shoots we did! Over the years I've been lucky enough to witness so many special moments in people's lives. Celebrations are always fun and exciting but even the more intimate moments such as a couple loving and snuggling their newborn baby is so wonderful to see! Now that I am married with a family of my own I appreciate more than ever how important it is to capture the precious time that goes by in a blink. 

 Photography has had a great impact on my life. Not only is it something that I am truly passionate about, but I have met some incredible people along the way! I hope to share a morning, afternoon, or evening with you!