Monthly Archives: June 2014

Baby girl on the way!

Last time I saw the Sease family Kaylee was a newborn baby. WOW! What an absolutely adorable little girl she’s became! I seriously can’t get over her cuteness! I’m looking forward to seeing them all again soon…and meeting Kaylee’s baby sister:)0004sb 0007sb 0010sb 0018sb 0022sb 0024sb 0030sb 0032sb 0033sb 0039sb 0041sb 0047sb 0052sb 0055sb 0057sb 0062sb 0070sb 0073sb 0077sb 0082sb 0085sb 0086sb

50 Years of LOVE!!!

I recently photographed the most lovely couple who have been married for 50 years!!! So awesome!!! Their children and grandchildren surprised them with a quick photo session before heading out to dinner to celebrate their BIG day! It’s always so much fun to be a small part of special occasions like this. It’s not very often that I meet a couple that have been together for this many years and still look so much in love.0001b 0002b 0003b 0004b 0005b 0006b 0007b 0008b 0009b 0010b 0011b 0012b 0013b 0014b 0015b 0016b 0017b 0018b 0019b 0020b 0021b