Monthly Archives: November 2014

Sease Family

It’s so wonderful to have amazing clients like the Sease family! This is the third time that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them this year. It’s always so great to see them and watch their adorable little girls grow!

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Wasano Family

I had the best photo session with the Wasano family! It was a beautiful fall day and both little ones couldn’t have been in better moods. It’s always so wonderful to see this growing family! This time I got to meet baby Nolan. Just 2 months young! His big sister Ella was so,so sweet and loving with him. Totally made me melt!!!0001wblog 0003wblog 0006wblog 0007wblog 0010wblog 0011wblog 0013wblog 0018wblog 0021wblog 0022wblog 0026wblog 0027wblog 0030wblog 0031wblog 0035wblog 0037wblog 0040wblog 0041wblog 0044wblog 0046wblog 0047wblog 0051wblog 0060wblog 0063wblog 0064wblog 0066wblog 0069wblog