Monthly Archives: July 2014

Elsdon Family

I had such a wonderful afternoon hangin out with the Elsdon family! Visiting with this sweet family….drinking a little bubbly….meeting precious baby Luke…and snapping some photos…what a great way to spend my day!

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Landen & Josh

My 4th of July weekend was off to a great start with Josh and Landen’s lovely park wedding at San Dieguito Park! This couple has so much personality! Not to mention…the most adorable little boy! Shooting their special day was a blast!001bv 002bv 003bv 004bv 005bv 006bv 007bv 008bv 009bv 010bv 011bv 012bv 013bv 014bv 015bv 016bv 017bv 018bv 019bv 020bv 021bv 022bv 023bv 024bv 025bv 026bv 027bv 028bv 029bv 030bv 031bv 032bv 033bv 034bv 035bv 036bv 037bv 038bv 039bv