Monthly Archives: October 2014

Sympson Family

I haven’t done a blog post in a while…time to get back on track!

The first attempt at a Sympson family photo session didn’t quite work out….other than a couple cute shots it just wasn’t meant to be. For round 2 we changed location,day,time…oh and added a little cake for bribery…WhaaaLaaa !!! These kiddos rocked it! I had so much fun with them:)0001sblog 0005sblog 0008sblog 0011sblog 0017sblog 0021sblog 0022sblog 0023sblog 0024sblog 0025sblog 0026sblog 0027sblog 0029sblog 0032sblog 0033sblog 0036sblog 0037sblog 0040sblog 0044sblog 0056sblog 0057sblog