Pederson Girls

The Pederson girls aren’t only gorgeous…they are so much fun! I loved watching Juliana dance on the beach and Lucia’s bashful smile is the sweetest thing. A beautiful sunset, warm salty air, 2 stylish little ladies (and their awesome parents) = one fantastic sunset session!

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Elliott Family

It was so great to see the sweet Elliott family! Colten and Mackenzie are so darling! It seriously seems like yesterday that I took their newborn pictures. How can time fly by so fast??!!! This was such a relaxed session with this laid back family. A nice cool, slightly overcast morning before the heat and humidity kicked in:)

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Dustin & Lily

When I first met Dustin he was a little boy. It’s so crazy to think that he’s all grown up and will soon be a Daddy to a little boy of his own! Yes, It definitely makes me feel old…but I’m also super happy and excited for him and his beautiful bride! Can’t wait to meet the little guy:)

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Beautiful couple….beautiful babies

It’s been so long since I’ve done a blog post. Now that the busy holiday season and the holiday aftermath is over…It’s time to get caught up! Here’s the absolutely adorable, sweet, Carabia family. Introducing baby Marco!!! Matt and Christina sure make some gorgeous babies! Seriously! They all have the best hair! I’m so happy to know this wonderful family and thankful that our little ones go to school together:)

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Malin Family

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the blog…so..since it’s officially fall (not that it feels like it) I thought this beautiful “fall” family session would be a great choice! We almost rescheduled this shoot because of rain. Yes! It actually rained! Luckily, we decided to take our chances and I’m so glad we did! It ended up being a lovely afternoon with gorgeous light shining through the clouds. As I got in my car to drive home, it started to sprinkle. Perfect timing!!!!

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Bowman Family

What an epic morning with the Bowmans! Their fun, easy-going nature shines through in every image! Michelle is a marine biologist and Conway is a professional fisherman…oh, and they all surf (or will someday). Soooo there was no better place than THE BEACH to shoot this awesome family!01bblog 02bblog 03bblog 04bblog 05bblog 06bblog 07bblog 08bblog 09bblog 010bblog 011bblog 012bblog 013bblog 014bblog 015bblog 016bblog 017bblog 018bblog 019bblog 020bblog 021bblog 022bblog 023bblog 024bblog 026bblog 027bblog

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Catamaran Wedding ~ Kristin and Troy

Capturing Kristin and Troys wedding was such a pleasure. They were so laid back and happy all day which made it fun and easy to get some beautiful photos:) Kristin’s gown was so gorgeous and Ashley Elizabeth Floral Design and Styling did the most amazing job with the flowers and decor. So much eye candy!!! A big thanks to Jill Fleming Photography for helping me out with this event!01ktblog 02ktblog 03ktblog 04ktblog 05ktblog 06ktblog 07ktblog 08ktblogg 09ktblog 10ktblog 11ktblog 12ktblog 13ktblog 14ktblog 15ktblog 16ktblog 17ktblog 18ktblog 19ktblog 20ktblog 21ktblog 22ktblog 23ktblog 24ktblog 25ktblog 26ktblog 27ktblog 28ktblog 29ktblog 30ktblog 31ktblog 32ktblog 33ktblog 34ktblog 35ktblog 36ktblog 37ktblog

Cabo San Lucas

We recently took a MUCH NEEDED getaway to Cabo. Not quite like the trips that I took there in my 20’s but still so much fun! The weather was PERFECT! Couldn’t have been better. A few of my favorite parts… watching my boys laugh and play (including the big one), Cameron, yelling “hola!” to anyone and everyone who crossed our path and falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves. I’m ready to go back!

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